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June 21, 2011

June Challenges at DigiDesignResort!

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It’s challenge time again, and I finished all 12 for DDR! This means I will receive the new Father’s Day collab free, and also a discount coupon (35%) for the store.

I enjoy doing challenges from ddr or gds,  but they limit me to using kits just from their stores. I have so many other materials that I’d like to try, and also pictures.

And on to the pictures!

June Color Challenge:

June Element Challenge:

June Scraplift Challenge

June Template Challenge

June Word Art Challenege

Use-it-All Mini Challenge

June Template Challenge

June Countdown Challenege

June Technique Challenge

May 19, 2011

May Challenges

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Again I’ve been busy this month completing challenges at They are fun to do and there’s an extra-special bonus kit for doing the first six. I’m also working on the Progressive Scrap in which they give directions of what to add every three days. Once something is added, it can’t be changed. I’m a little nervouse about mine, but all I can do is try, right?

Freebie challenge, a special one for NSD (National Scrapbooking Day)!

This is my color challenge lo, with a picture of Kelly as a baby.

“Tourist Trap Challenge;” scrap a picture of the women in your life, or a 4-5 generation pic.

Word art challenge, using my new kit “Women’s Work.”

This one is for the Element challenge. The element we had to use was stitching. I had to make my own because none of my ddr kits had any stitching. What I did is very basic; I’d like to learn how to make the fancier ones.

Font challenge — font named Minya Nouvelle. The kit was Saskia’s Dark Side of the Moon, and of course, the pictures came from our Europe trip.

Scraplift challenge, a bit different from usual. Normally everyone lifts from the same page, but this time we looked at a person’s gallery and chose a page to lift. There were many choices since her gallery was so big!

Here’s the Theme Challenge, Simple Joys. I named it “Erin’s Simple Joys.”

Finally, this is the Use-it-all Mini. I think it’s very pretty.

May 18, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse?

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This is hilarious. I read today that the CDC posted a blog entry on “Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse — and other emergencies.” It has really increased their traffic; apparently zombies are a Big Deal these days. Even though the article is tongue-in-cheek and I don’t think anyone could claim the CDC is predicting an actual zombie apocalypse, it’s fun so it makes people more interested in the same old, same old information about emergency preparedness.

April 30, 2011

Lots of Challenges

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Me and my Paint Shop program have been busy lately, trying to complete all the April challenges at I caught them just in time.

There were 12 in all… I think I already posted 2 or 3 of them last time.

This was for the element challenge… requirement was to use lots of curves.

Color challenge — we had to use a particular palette of colors.

I made this for the font challenge. We were given a new font (fontastique) with which to do titles or journaling.  Although using pictures of myself is somewhat narcissistic, I do like the ones when I was a little girl.

The Mix-it-up challenge: use papers/elements from 3 different kits never used before.

I like the recipe challenges like this one. The layout has to be made using a digital “recipe” — i.e., 1 solid paper, 1 pattern paper, 3 flowers, etc.

April storytelling challenge; we had to write at least a bit of journaling starting with the words “Just because.” This is a picture of my best friend Kellye.

Template challenge: we were given a template to interpret using our own papers, elements, etc. This is for my little sister Shelley.

For this challenge, we were given a mini-kit and were required to use everything in the kit and nothing else (except for pictures).

Finally, this wordart challenge, in which we were supposed to scrap a conversation, was a lot of fun. I can remember so many conversations like this one — basically, whenever we went somewhere in a car!

Credits: All kits listed below can be found at, unless italicized.

Cocktail Hour Challenges
Sunrise Theme — Spring Colors –Natural Breeze collab kit
Coconut Reef Scraplift — Erin & Roger’s Picnic — Aquarius designs, Benthaicreations, Soft Spring Dew collab
Seabreeze Template — My Sister Shelley — Silke template, Soft Spring Dew collab, Delicious Scraps alpha
Monkey Puzzle Wordart — Let’s Go Christmas Shopping!Bits O’Scrap Christmas ’09 kit
Sunset Color — A Day at Barnwell — color challenge colors, Aquarius Designs elements
Tourist Trap Photo — My Desktop — Natural Breeze kit, Bits O’Scrap In My Garden kit

Mixed Challenges
Font — Don’t Wait — Time Stands Still collab
Use It All Mini — Easter, 2007 –Mini-kit by Carena
Mix It Up — Family — Aquarius Winterheart, Carena Shimmering Sensation, Studio4 Monkey Business
Element — Glamour Shots — DDR You Make Me Smile Collab
Storytelliing — Just Because you are my friend — Aquarius Designs Winterheart
Digi-Recipe — Daffodils –Woman’s Work by Studio4 Designworks, You Make Me Smile collab, Aquarius ShabbyChica,
Feli Breath of Spring

April 18, 2011

New Layouts! [Edit below]

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I haven’t made any layouts for a long time, as you can see, but I recently started doing speed scrap and challenges at Speed scraps are fun but I get a bit too hyper when I do them! Challenges are better, as I can take my time.

Speed Scrap April 15, 2011

Theme Challenge -- Maureen and Gregory

April scraplift challenge

I think the last one is my favorite! There are so many pictures of Erin and Roger — and the rest of my family — that I have yet to scrap. Some have not even been scanned. So there’s a lot of work still to do, but with each layout I get a little more done!

I wonder if you can buy a printer that’s big enough to print the 12×12 pages? If so, I would love to get one. And of course, lots of ink!

Edit: I forgot about a few layouts I have made but didn’t post on this site.

Mom & Jerrys 5th Anniversary!

Neel girls and Grandma

November 10, 2010

November! Wow!

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Sorry for no calendars in 3 months! I assume I was doing something else… perhaps writing stories?

Here is the November calendar:

Edit: And a nice little Abby/Ducky layout for the episode “Lt. Jane Doe”

I made it using my Goth kit, of course! 😉

June 29, 2010

July calendar is here!

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I’ve created the calendar for July — just in time! I made it using Carena’s calendar kit.

This month we have my sister’s birthday on the sixth, right after Independence Day. July tends to be one of our hottest months, but lately we’ve had rain which has cooled us off a bit.

June 4, 2010

Already June?

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It’s a trite cliché but still true — time stands still for no one. And it is true that time goes faster (or seems to) as I get older.

I took a scrapping hiatus for a few days, but I’m getting back in. This one, however, is from the April Color Challenge; apparently I forgot to post it.

I made that LO using the “Some Bunny Loves You” kit from Bits O’Scrap.

Special thanks to Ginger’s House (papers and elements) and gmDesigns (alpha)!

I just love this one! I made it with the EarthSky kit from Lynette’s Photo Art. We were quite surprised at the amount of snow we received this winter. Pictured here are the days with the most snow — February 11-12 and March 21 (Roger’s birthday & first day of spring!). The snowfamily was made by a family down the street.

It seems a bit strange to talk about snow now that we’re moving into summer. I personally dislike the heat but maybe thinking about snow will help!

May 25, 2010

May Color Challenge & “In the Garden”

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gDS ( has great challenges every month, so I try to do at least one every month. Last night I did a LO for the color challenge, as well as another one for “In My Garden” from Bits O’Scrap. The latter also comes as a QP.

“In My Garden” LO

Get the QP here.

May Color Challenge LO

May 24, 2010

Watch Me Grow Layout

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The “In My Garden” kit from Bits O’Scrap has so many choices, so much potential I can’t stop making layouts with it! Here is a new one called “Watch Me Grow.”

Download the free QP here. Check out Bits O’Scrap for more goodies!

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