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April 18, 2011

New Layouts! [Edit below]

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I haven’t made any layouts for a long time, as you can see, but I recently started doing speed scrap and challenges at Speed scraps are fun but I get a bit too hyper when I do them! Challenges are better, as I can take my time.

Speed Scrap April 15, 2011

Theme Challenge -- Maureen and Gregory

April scraplift challenge

I think the last one is my favorite! There are so many pictures of Erin and Roger — and the rest of my family — that I have yet to scrap. Some have not even been scanned. So there’s a lot of work still to do, but with each layout I get a little more done!

I wonder if you can buy a printer that’s big enough to print the 12×12 pages? If so, I would love to get one. And of course, lots of ink!

Edit: I forgot about a few layouts I have made but didn’t post on this site.

Mom & Jerrys 5th Anniversary!

Neel girls and Grandma


May 1, 2010

(i)NSD & Speed Scrap

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Yesterday evening I did my first speed scrap! It was fun, but definitely kept me on my toes! Val (geniaBeana) at gds did a great job leading. Here’s what I came up with:

I was amazed at the creativity of the other participants! I couldn’t finish it in an hour, much less finish AND be creative!

Here’s some other miscellaneous things I have done recently, more experimenting than anything else.

(gotta have my Abby & Ducky romance!)

Mom when she was 6 or 7…

I love this carousel… and the fact that I couldn’t really ride it like that  just makes it even more surreal.